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Sadly, we can't be everywhere in fandom, or know everyone. To save a lot of time running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we compiled a list of every known source we had for news, fic, art, vids, etc. It's not perfect, but it has grown since it was first created. If you have a resource, from your acount to your vids on Vimeo, that's not listed here, either drop us a comment here, PM this account or email us at

The General Fandom:

News Episode Airtimes Toys Podcasts Recaps/Recs
Rangerboard Nick and Toon Nick Rangerboard No Pink Spandex [ profile] ranger_recaps
No Pink Spandexkyl416's Schedules Toy Grid Rangercast[ profile] prrecs
Toy Grid PodForceTruncated PR
Twitter: Heropower Rather Odd Productions podcast[ profile] pr_ficfinders
Twitter: LinearRanger [ profile] heropower_show(Vidcast)[ profile] pr_samurai
Twitter: Rofang Atop the Fourth Wall(Vidcast)[ profile] pr_meta
Twitter: BurgundyRanger Ranger Bar[community profile] samurai_forever
Twitter: MorphinLegacy
Twitter: PowerRangerNews


Fanfic Comms
[ profile] prslash/[ profile] pr_slash [ profile] prsw22 [ profile] subskysociety [ profile] pr_au100 [ profile] prfanfiction [ profile] pr_samurai
[ profile] prfic100[ profile] beyond_ag [community profile] starsfic [community profile] the_ranger_database [community profile] powercoins [ profile] dillon_ziggy
[ profile] prficathons/[community profile] prficathons [ profile] the_rpm_garage [community profile] samurai_forever
LJ/DW Fanfic Authors
[personal profile] purplestripe66[personal profile] defeatedbyabridge [personal profile] scifisentai [personal profile] gingayellow [ profile] rivulet027 [personal profile] pc32_fics
[ profile] pockythoughts[ profile] prgirlsrock [ profile] lielabellfic [personal profile] tptigger [personal profile] madkrazyghetto [ profile] anolinde
[personal profile] thesecondbatgirl[ profile] starlit_purple/Starlit Purple [ profile] queenriley/QueenRiley [ profile] arytra [ profile] nanjarohoihoi [personal profile] wildforce71
[ profile] serpentine85[ profile] shadowneko003 [personal profile] estirose/Estirose Fanfic Authors
Seren MarisJadeTate CrazyGirl47 UnromanticPoetess Zen'Aku Lati JDPhoenix
GriddleboneM14Mouse Soldier's Pixie SilverCaladan DJ_Rocca Jeannine Trevizo
Mayonnaise JaneDarkBlue86 Syd and Z
(aka [ profile] pink_thunder17
and [ profile] soldiers_pixie)
walutahanga Guardian of Hope Hagar


[ profile] ___pricons___ [community profile] powercoins [ profile] nanjarohoihoi DeviantArt
[personal profile] jenndubya (instead of [ profile] wwfanz's pricon comm posts.) [ profile] pr_samurai [community profile] samurai_forever
Pictures and Caps
[ profile] rangers_daily[ profile] icanhasmegazord
YouTube listMystical Wing's vid tag

Notable Threads

Message Boards
Henshin Justice Unlimited Rangerboard PRUFuñaroboard
RangercrewTokusatsu Fusion PMC Forum


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